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Amazing black whtie office design 1 e1350469395546 Contemporary Black & White Office

Black can be dull and white can be boring, but the classic combination is a timeless duo that is fashionable, stylish and always chic. What better way to adorn your home office than with a bout of sophistication and class? Let’s take a look at some ideas and inspiration for decorating your own black and white home office.

Amazing black office with white shades 2 Contemporary Black & White Office

Amazing deck office black 3 e1350469586100 Contemporary Black & White Office

Then think about how you’d like to dress your walls. Use framed black and white photos, fun wall stickers or even amazing, patterned wallpaper. You may even want to get really creative and just border your walls with wallpaper to make the color combo pop.You may even want to use solids throughout the rest of the room and find interesting, patterned curtains to the windows. But make sure you leave some room to let in the day’s light, natural shine always brightens up a room. It’ll give the room a grander feel than just some sheers to dress up the windows.

Amazing office country 4 e1350469659237 Contemporary Black & White Office

Amazing chic modern office 5 e1350469704236 Contemporary Black & White Office

Amazing black and white curtains 6 e1350469779224 Contemporary Black & White Office

contemporary home office 7 Contemporary Black & White Office

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