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beautiful garden pathway1 Contemporary Cozy Cottage

The designers at Shades of Green Landscape Architecture had their work cut out for them in this revitalization of a small outdoor space for a cottage in Brisbane, California. With not much room to work, they created a great modern outdoor area to meet the homeowner’s wish for additional outdoor entertaining area.The homeowners expressed the need to retain a useable driveway for a frequent out-of-town guest, but since the cottage sits on such a tiny lot, dedicating the driveway to be only a driveway meant that this space would not be efficiently utilized, nor used very often. Instead of the typical concrete pad driveway, the drive and side yard were replaced with concrete pavers surrounded by gravel. This allows these spaces to flow together and used as entertaining space when a car is not parked in the drive. Also, the use of gravel between concrete pavers, rather than a solid slab of concrete which causes excessive runoff, allows for water to infiltrate into the ground during heavy rains.While there are several great ideas in this one space, the overall concept is tied together through the enlivened fence line. This outdoor renovation serves as a great example of how a small space can still make a big impact.

beautiful green backyard chairs 2 Contemporary Cozy Cottage

beautiful flowers pathway 3 Contemporary Cozy Cottage

good seating garden 4 Contemporary Cozy Cottage

lighting 6 Contemporary Cozy Cottage

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