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housing problem project 1 Creative Home Design

Most of the times, the range of a home is essential but not the only fear. Regardless of the dimensions of a house, there can always be a way to make the best of it. This project demonstrates that very beautifully. It’s an apartment located in Moscow, Russia. It features a limited internal space and it’s a wonderful example of how strategies can be adapted. The project was developed by SL Project, a Russian design studio.As you can see, the apartment is rather small. This means there’s not a lot of space to waste when decorating it. SL Project adopted a simple and functional solution. The living room, for example, is a quite narrow and small space. It’s an actually a shared area that also includes an office. To make the best out of this space, the designers opted for a minimalist interior décor. The furniture is very simple, with straight, clean lines and with no unnecessary details or embellishments. The same goes for the rest of the décor.

housing problem project 21 Creative Home Design

housing problem project 3 Creative Home Design

housing problem project 5 Creative Home Design

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housing problem project 7 Creative Home Design

housing problem project 8 Creative Home Design

To avoid creating a blend and monotonous décor, the designers used color in their advantage. This way a series of focal points have been created without overcharging the interior. To delimitate the office area from the rest of the room, a raised podium was created. It creates a visual delimitation and doesn’t interfere with the way the space is used. Also, in order to maintain the minimalism of the décor, subtle lighting schemes were used.

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