jennie On May - 18 - 2011

creative lamps with incrustation 1 Creative Pendant Lamps with Rind

Designer Alessandro Lenarda created a delicate collection of pendant lamps called Reflex for Voltolina. It’s like a cloud of fair glass with a metal chrome framing. Formerly an octagon of crystal is incrusted with almost valuable stones that imitate colors. Crystal, amber, red and black, these shades make the lamps more attractive. The designer says that you may put almost everything inside to adorn your lamp stones, sand, flowers and even water. This is like a canvas where you can coat anything you like. Incrust your lamp and play with your imagination!

creative lamps with incrustation 2 Creative Pendant Lamps with Rind

creative lamps with incrustation 3 Creative Pendant Lamps with Rind

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