cherryl On April - 18 - 2012

creative poufs by locanera 1 Creative Poufs Designed by LocaNera

An attractive Pouf is a very flexible interior piece, especially where, they are created by LocaNera. It’s a very joyful interior piece. This beautiful pouf is not only for the purpose to sit, relax and support your feet but it also add color, shape and texture to your room give your interior designs, extra depth. These poufs can be moved anywhere easily, and will make your space look beautiful and stylish. LocaNera’s research is very strong on colors and materials, and that is kind of obvious by looking at this interior piece. They use vibrant colors for their designs and their designs are expensive aswel. It is available in two sizes. Have a look at the pictures below of the beautiful poufs.

creative poufs by locanera 2 Creative Poufs Designed by LocaNera

creative poufs by locanera 3 Creative Poufs Designed by LocaNera

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