cherryl On October - 27 - 2010

beautiful wallpaper collection 1 Destinations Wallpaper Collection by Mr. Perswall

Destination is the new digital print wallpaper collection by Mr. Perswall. The wallpaper reminds me of the destination boards on an airport, the wallpaper was clearly designed for owners to see a different destination every time you look at your walls. Look at the digital wallpapers below, you will see that they are not just about random letters, but also feature some names of famous cities around the world. At a first glance, we found Stockholm. Enjoy the way a room is completely turned around for the better and dynamited with the help of letters. Moreover, these wallpapers could offer a good opportunity for daydreaming during coffee or meal time. Just read through the lines and let yourself be carried away in the location of your choice.

beautiful wallpaper collection 2 Destinations Wallpaper Collection by Mr. Perswall

beautiful wallpaper collection 3 Destinations Wallpaper Collection by Mr. Perswall

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