jennie On April - 13 - 2012

It is a very beautiful and cute hand-painted planter. A toy like planter, it is shaped like a giraffe. It is a standard planter and its maximum capacity is being 50 Lbs. It has attached legs and neck and even a tail. Its neck and legs are moveable. The giraffe head has long eyelashes and it will stare everyone through those long and beautiful eyes. It would be a lot of fun watering the plant in this planter. Giraffe planter is of metal and it holds a 4 inches pot. The price of this beautiful planter is $26.99.  Have a look at its pictures below.

giraffe planter 11 Funny and Cute Giraffe Animal Planter

giraffe planter 21 Funny and Cute Giraffe Animal Planter

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  1. Lilah Ali says:

    Where did you buy this??

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