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luxury vanity 1 Glamorous and Luxurious Bathrooms

Bathrooms, even though they’re one of the most important rooms in any house or apartment, don’t usually get the attention they deserve. They’re intimate spaces where one can be alone and a space that often feels like sanctuary, like a safe space. So dare to spoil yourself by having a sumptuous bathroom where you can feel like a queen or king. Start with the vanity and then choose matching elements. We have here a few very beautiful, luxurious and glamorous-looking vanities that would make any bathroom look amazing.

pink luxury vanity 2 Glamorous and Luxurious Bathrooms

This one is a vanity with a simple, interesting and rich design. It features a tufted surface that creates a sense of glamour. Combined with the crisp white color chosen for the base, the design becomes simple but also rich and luxurious. The golden top and fixtures only add the touch of luxury the vanities needed to become sumptuous.

bathroom with luxury vanity 3 Glamorous and Luxurious Bathrooms

Sometimes the glamour doesn’t lie in textures and upholstered surfaces but in the small details. This chic vanity stands out for several reasons. One of them is the color, a very delicious shade of pink that, combined with the silver details and hardware becomes rich and glamorous. The lighting fixtures match the vanity while the mirrors are very sumptuous as well.

narrow bathroom 4 Glamorous and Luxurious Bathrooms

And in case you were starting to get worried, you can have a sumptuous bathroom that’s also simple. This Mediterranean-inspired master bathroom features a simple but beautiful vanity that’s actually part of the wall. It’s a unique type of built-in and it features a plaster finish that extends over the front. It’s simple but it’s chic and luxurious as well.

bathroom traditional 5 Glamorous and Luxurious Bathrooms

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