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living black chandelier crystal1 Gorgeous Black Crystal Chandeliers

The chandelier is often the element that adds richness and elegance to a room, the detail that completes the décor. But not any type of chandelier is suitable for any room of the house. There are numerous criteria to base your decision on when choosing the right chandelier. The color could be one of them. Black crystal chandeliers, for example, have a very interesting charm. They are not as bright and transparent as one would expect a chandelier to be and yet they are very elegance and beautiful. Let’s take a look at a few interiors featuring black crystal chandelier for a better understanding of the concept.

dining room chandelier black2 Gorgeous Black Crystal Chandeliers

This eclectic living room features a very interesting palette of colors. The walls have been painted black which is a rare trend and they’ve been combined with rich, patterned curtains featuring a combination of black and red. The wooden floors are partially covered with a beige rug and complemented by furniture featuring matching colors. The textures and patterns are diverse and very rich. The black crystal chandelier captures this mix of details and reflects it in a very elegant way.

kitchen island chandelier3 Gorgeous Black Crystal Chandeliers

white bedroom chandelier design4 Gorgeous Black Crystal Chandeliers

staircase with black chandelier5 Gorgeous Black Crystal Chandeliers

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