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builtin fireplace7 Gorgeous Corner Fireplaces

Over the years, fireplaces have lost their initial use. Originally they were used to warm up a room. Nowadays this is a secondary effect of using a fireplace. The main reason why fireplaces have remained very popular is their ability to create cozy, warm and inviting atmospheres. In a way, they still warm up the room but on a different level. Among the multitude of fireplace styles and designs, corner fireplaces are some of the most appreciated. They are visible from all sides of the room and they spread the warmth all around them.

modern living room corner fireplace1 Gorgeous Corner Fireplaces

Whether it’s a contemporary or a traditional room, a minimalist or a sophisticated décor, a corner fireplace will certainly make it feel warm and inviting. This living room is quite simple. It’s also very cozy and relaxing. One of the reasons for that is because of the color palette while another one is because of the corner fireplace that spreads warmth and elegance all around it.

traditional corner fireplace2 Gorgeous Corner Fireplaces

country living room design3 Gorgeous Corner Fireplaces

This time we have another stone fireplace, also placed in the corner. The décor of the living room is contemporary with subtle traditional touches. The most important accent elements in here are the fireplace and the rug that also match. It’s certainly not a random choice to use them both in this room.

modern corner fireplace4 Gorgeous Corner Fireplaces

corner fireplace design5 Gorgeous Corner Fireplaces

orange living room corner fireplace6 Gorgeous Corner Fireplaces

This family room has an interior décor featuring strong Mediterranean influences. It feels very light and intimate. All the curved features make it feel more inviting and relaxing. The corner fireplace shares similar characteristics as it forms a small white dome that matches the arched door and the niche for the TV unit.

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