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Dallas Home 1 Gorgeous House in Dallas

The House of Three Rooms is a project that has been completed in 2011 by Marc McCollom in Dallas, Texas, showcasing a concept that establishes boundaries between spaces, without disturbing the harmony. The project consists in three space areas, generically called rooms. The facade is made of large brick blocks and the entrance is marked by a stacked stones panel. The lower level is perceived as a transparent space, therefore the architect chose a floor to ceiling window isolation. The house’s back courtyard shelters a terrace and a swimming pool, providing some extra privacy.

Details Entrance5 Gorgeous House in Dallas

The first room includes a glazed opening, the kitchen and the dinning area. The second room, the core of the house, contains the living room, “bordered” by the dinning room at one end. The stairs and a stone garden is also included in this “limited” space. The last room spreads from the library area to the wooden deck. The whole idea of these openings, with conceptual boundaries (there are no doors to mark limits between the three rooms), was to create an airy, stress-free atmosphere. Elegant, clean lined and appealing, the house is ideal for a small family in search of gorgeous design.

Details Living Room7 Gorgeous House in Dallas

House Dallas 4 Gorgeous House in Dallas

Kitchen8 Gorgeous House in Dallas

Library Study Room9 Gorgeous House in Dallas

Living6 Gorgeous House in Dallas

Seen From Outside3 Gorgeous House in Dallas

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