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kitchen island industrial 21 Gorgeous kitchen Island

Most kitchens have functional interiors and this usually means lots of storage space, an airy interior with plenty of space to move around, large counter and work surfaces and also chic and beautiful accent pieces. Kitchen islands solve most of the concerns enumerated above. They provide quite a lot of storage space inside all the drawers and shelves integrated in their design and they are also great as work surfaces. But a kitchen island needs one more element in order to truly stand out: beautiful lighting fixtures.The kitchen is a great place to include industrial lighting fixture designs. They have the simplicity and essential beauty that they need to stand out. So if you’re aiming at creating a sort of focal point in the area occupied by your kitchen island, a very good idea would be to add one or more industrial-style pendant lamps. There are lots of designs to choose from and there’s surely one that matches your kitchen island and overall décor.

kitchen island industrial 1 Gorgeous kitchen Island

wood floor kitchen island 3 Gorgeous kitchen Island

beautiful white kitchen island 4 Gorgeous kitchen Island

blue kitchen island 5 Gorgeous kitchen Island

marble kitchen island 6 Gorgeous kitchen Island

glass pendant kitchen 8 Gorgeous kitchen Island

Industrial-style pendant lamps are a perfect choice for the kitchen for multiple reasons. First of all, they have simple designs and this is an essential detail in the kitchen. In here there’s really no room for unnecessary decorations or accessories. Then there’s also the fact that an industrial-style pendant lamp I a perfect element to be placed above the kitchen island. It complements its compact design and functional look. As in the case of any style, there are plenty of designs to choose from. Here a few kitchens featuring this type of lighting fixtures.

white kitchen island industrial lighting 9 Gorgeous kitchen Island

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