karen On April - 11 - 2012

innovative garden a bench 1 Innovative “A” garden bench by Pieter Jamart

This beautiful garden bench is called simply “A”. That’s because of its shape: a copy of the first letter of the alphabet. The “A” bench was designed by Pieter Jamart. It has a very modest design. It’s a polyurethane bench designed for outdoor use. The bench was made for Sixinch and there are also other similar creations, such as the Arrows bench or the Male and Female set. The “A” bench is made of coated foam and fabric. Its dimensions are L 140 cm, W 140 cm, H 38 cm. Though, custom sizes are also available. The A bench also comes in several different colors. It’s a stylish, interesting and useful outdoor piece of furniture. It’s something that can be used on the terrace or in the garden. The bench is soft and comfy and it’s also weather-resistant. If the leather “A” has a special meaning for you, then it’s one more reason to include this bench in your outdoor décor.

innovative garden a bench 2 Innovative “A” garden bench by Pieter Jamart

innovative garden a bench 3 Innovative “A” garden bench by Pieter Jamart

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