karen On August - 19 - 2012

innovative book clock 1 Innovative Book Clock

Here is an innovative “Book Clock”. This clock is actually a normal clock device that is afterwards placed in an old hard book cover. Instead of the interior pages that had been removed, the designer called Hilda Grahnat used an inventive solution and used some bits of wood that look very similar to the original look. Only if you come closer and look at the clock carefully you will recognize the absence of paper sheets and will notice the wood. There are many models and covers used and this specific one with a blue background and stylized white and green leaves is called “The teahouse of the August Monn”, after the name of the book written by Vern Steiner.  This clock runs on a LR6/AA battery and sells for $45.

innovative book clock 2 Innovative Book Clock

innovative book clock 3 Innovative Book Clock

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