karen On August - 22 - 2012

innovative paraboloid lamp 1 Innovative Paraboloid Lamp by Fernando Molas Garcia

Here is an innovative lamp design. This stylish lamp is called “Paraboloid Lamp”. It will give a very contemporary look to your space. It’s perfect for those people who like unique lamp designs. The lamp has a very attractive shape. It has a hyperbolic geometric surface which  you maybe saw in your algebra classes. It contains a single globe which is placed in the center of a saddle-like grid of skew lines, making a soft glow that moves with the stylish curving of the structure and glances through the rhomboidal spaces. This innovative lamp is designed by Fernando Molas Garcia. It is a very fascinating piece of furniture. Take a look at it, enjoy!

innovative paraboloid lamp 2 Innovative Paraboloid Lamp by Fernando Molas Garcia

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  1. David says:

    Sorry, no offence guys, but this lamp is so wrong.
    Lighting design it’s not about to put a light to something and make a lamp of it, adding a light bulb to some object doesn’t make a lamp of it.
    Look at this lamp base, its shape has nothing to do with that paraboloid grid, there isn’t any morphological relationship between these two parts.
    The bulb is totally uncovered on the top and if we think about almost non-existent height of the lamp, its light will make us blind, unless we put the lamp on the fridge, cupboard or any high furniture at home.
    And what is that small neck between the base and the grid? no comments!

    Who’s speaking? An industrial design professional.

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