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Cirrata lamp 1 e1307093993477 Interesting Cirrata Lamp by Markus Johansson

This beautiful lamp is inspired by that sea creature we like to refer to as the octopus; the Cirrata family of lamps designed by Markus Johansson is an interesting lighting idea ready to mugging your home. Not like the octopus, who needs lots of water to stay alive, this modern lamp made of Corian only needs a stable power source to come to life and glow its way throughout your apartment. The Cirrata is positively worth checking out, as it appears to be a immense lighting solution for your home when it comes to setting the right mood every now and again with the right kind of ambiance light. For more details visit Markus Johansson.

Cirrata lamp 2 e1307096010230 Interesting Cirrata Lamp by Markus Johansson

Cirrata lamp 3 e1307096195842 Interesting Cirrata Lamp by Markus Johansson

Cirrata lamp 4 e1307096407954 Interesting Cirrata Lamp by Markus Johansson

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  1. […] Octopus lamp is a modern LED floor lamp introduced by LumineXence in limited edition. It is a very cool and ultra modern product. These lamps are cheerful and creative at the same time. The lamp’s plan was inspired by the submarine behaviors of the incredible octopus, the way it extends out its tentacles and come out from the seabed, revealing its snooping shape and colors. The two toned lamps have a steel base and stands 210 centimeters high. This exclusive item is defined to flicker exchange and add a funky aspect to any floor space. For more details about octopus lampvisit LumineXence. […]

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