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open space living room 1 Living Rooms with Stylish Interior

Open space living rooms are not typical of a single style. They are, however, mostly seen in houses and residences as opposed to apartments, where the space is always limited. The main advantage of such a living room is flexibility. Typically, an open floor plan includes the living room, the dining room and the kitchen. But these three spaces are not very clearly delimited so the boundaries are blurry and sometimes inconsistent.This allows you to either extend the kitchen into the living or dining room or to reduce a certain area in order to advantage another. You have a flexible and dynamic space that can be reconfigured within certain limits. As for the interior décor of open floor plans and open space living rooms, a very common choice is modular furniture that taken this flexibility even further. It allows the user to change the décor according to his needs and preferences and makes these changes simple and easy.

bright sofa open space 2 Living Rooms with Stylish Interior

turquoise open space 3 Living Rooms with Stylish Interior

open space living room lighting system 4 Living Rooms with Stylish Interior

modern living room barn door 5 Living Rooms with Stylish Interior

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