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bathroom fireplace1 Luxurious Bathroom Fireplaces

Fireplaces are always beautiful, regardless of the style or design chosen. Most often they are found in living rooms or family rooms where everyone can enjoy them and where they add a plus of style to the décor. But fireplaces can also be found in bedrooms where they add warmth to the room and make it feel even cozier. Even though these are the most common locations for the usual fireplace, this beautiful accent feature can also be seem in more unusual spaces such as the bathroom.

fireplace modern bathroom2 Luxurious Bathroom Fireplaces

A bathroom fireplace is a luxurious feature. It requires certain conditions such as a spacious bathroom and a layout that allows it to stand out without seeming odd or out of place. In the bathroom, the fireplace has the potential to change the décor, to elevate it to a whole new level. When you have a fireplace in the bathroom you tend to also opt for other more elegant features such as a chandelier, a warm and earthy color palette and rich materials.

modern fireplace design in bathroom3 Luxurious Bathroom Fireplaces

traditional bathroom design4 Luxurious Bathroom Fireplaces

bathroom with fireplace5 Luxurious Bathroom Fireplaces

bathtub fireplace6 Luxurious Bathroom Fireplaces

vertical fireplace bathroom7 Luxurious Bathroom Fireplaces

fireplace bathroom8 Luxurious Bathroom Fireplaces

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