cherryl On April - 18 - 2011

Mixx Chair Design 1 Mixx Chair Design by Matthias Demacker

Mixx Chair is the modern seating design which is designed by Matthias Demacker for Area Declic. The chair design scheme is absolutely fresh and indisputable. Some even say that having the chair’s idea is appealing.

Mixx Chair Design 2 Mixx Chair Design by Matthias Demacker

Here the designer has tried to make seating design that doesn’t just act with functionality but also artistic where they have the options of choosing the cushions they want and mix the colors they want.

Mixx Chair Design 3 Mixx Chair Design by Matthias Demacker

This innovative chair design is made out of three separate parts. Each of them gets different color and the chair is bright and lively. By doing this, the chair act like chameleon, it can fit and add easily to any modern interior design or even the modern interior one.

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