karen On October - 28 - 2010

touch screen faucet for kitchen e1288283017302 Modern and Stylish Kitchen Faucet with Touch Screen Controller by Fima Carlo Frattini

The identity FIMA was created from the core values we believe in and respect. In Company breathes the air of an Italian to do that came from the combination of rigor in design and mediation with the history of technology and craft design, capable of making a product with technical features well defined and refined design.Touch screen nowadays is become part of people life. Started with iPhone and now there are plenty of other phones and small computers with such displays. Amazingly, now there are some kitchen appliances that have feature touch screen displays too. Nomos faucet by creator of innovative faucets Fima Carlo Frattini, is one of those appliances.It has a modern design and fully electronic mechanism that controls it. The electronic controller allows to adjust water quantity, temperature, pressure and even alert you in case of malfunction. Everything that can be done via the touch-screen display with simple graphic icons that everybody could understand.

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