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modern san francsco fireplace house 1 Modern Fireplaces

Everyone loves fireplaces. They’re a great element in any home. When you’re looking to buy a house or apartment, one that has a fireplace usually has a great advantage even though others might present advantages of their own. There’s something wonderful, almost magical about fireplaces. When you sit in front of a fireplace, in a cozy armchair, and you watch the flames change shape and color and listen to the wood crackle a very beautiful sensation appears and you get to relax and to never want to do anything else again. But that’s mostly true in the case of traditional fireplaces.Modern fireplaces, even though they’re quite different in terms of design and technical details, have a different series of advantages. Most of them no longer use wood so everything we described earlier disappears with that as well. However, they offer other great elements. They’re safer and they usually feature smaller dimensions than most traditional fireplaces. Also, they can basically be installed anywhere you want.

modern fireplace 2 Modern Fireplaces

modern fireplace industrial loft 3 Modern Fireplaces

modern fireplace white walls 4 Modern Fireplaces

amanzing living room carpet 5 Modern Fireplaces

fireplace divider room 6 Modern Fireplaces

living room with a view 8 Modern Fireplaces

contemporary living room with view 9 Modern Fireplaces

wood panle living room fireplace buitl in 10 Modern Fireplaces

another fireplace divider 11 Modern Fireplaces

wood ceiling modern fireplace 12 Modern Fireplaces

grey living room design 13 Modern Fireplaces

modern fireplace cowhide ottoman 14 Modern Fireplaces

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