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Shaker Heights Autumn Modern Homes in Cleveland

The Shaker Heights House is a project developed by Dimit Architects and done in the summer of 2012. The plan spreads over 7200 square feet. surrounded by a sea of trees, the house looks striking during fall, when the leaves play softly their own move to and fro of wickedness. The residence is located in Cleveland, Ohio and it is calm of two wings which unite and form the core of the house, an open kitchen with a amazing view over the square. The clients, a young family requested a active home, with plenty of space and shine and a very good division of the public and the private areas.

Autumn Colours 2 Modern Homes in Cleveland

As a consequence, the architects chose to separate the living room and the entertaining areas ( the social gathering spots) from the bedrooms, the office and the gym. The public area is very bright and neat, “flooded” in a milky white, giving that impeccable look to the interior. The shiny white floors blend with the wood creating an interesting contrast. The result is a very modern place, incredibly welcoming and comfortable. The exterior patio has a fireplace embedded, which is really cool, especially at night when the chill “tickles” the skin.     Simply amazing, right?

View over the House 3 Modern Homes in Cleveland

Shaker Heights House 5 Modern Homes in Cleveland

Shaker Heights House 4 Modern Homes in Cleveland

White Stair 7 Modern Homes in Cleveland

White Flooring 8 Modern Homes in Cleveland

Living Room Fireplace 9 Modern Homes in Cleveland

House Details Living Room 10 Modern Homes in Cleveland

Discoball 11 Modern Homes in Cleveland

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