jennie On August - 3 - 2011

Overflow Arima Bathtub by Glass 1 Modern Spa Tub Arima by Glass

Here we featured many modern bathtub designs but that won’t prevent us from sharing a new incredible overflow bathtub called Arima. It’s a spa tub, planned to be made in or free standing bathtub. Set with vortex and air pool jumbos, flipside and base jets, a heater, a waterfall and chemotherapy, as this is an overflow spa, so the water is continuously flowing, refilling and re -cleaning. It’s in fact very comfortable and new and we are sure that you must love to have one as your home spa. Falling into this spa tub makes sure a full body cuddle, total fascination into leisure and innovation. For more details about Arima visit here.

spa tub design by Glass 2 Modern Spa Tub Arima by Glass

Arima Bathtub Design by Glass 3 Modern Spa Tub Arima by Glass

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