jennie On January - 28 - 2011

beautiful zebra paper chair 1 e1296225307674 Modern Zebra Paper Chair by Mathias Bengtsson

One of the six chairs shown at the Mindcraft 10 exhibition this year, Paper Chair by Mathias Bengtsson is the result of a process that is both handmade and digital. Thousands of sheets of paper are layered to create a sculpture that has no frame, joints or screws. Nowadays the natural environment becomes more and more important for our lives. It assures us all our living resources but if we do not take care of these we will be the only one to blame for and the only one who will suffer from it. One of the solutions for taking care of these resources is recycling. Everybody knows that recycling means less garbage, less danger for our planet and getting new other products that we can use and recycle again. Mathias Bengtsson presents us the paper chair. It is a chair made of recycled paper. It imitates the colors of a zebra and has an interesting shape. It is on original, handmade chair. You can use it as a decoration that will assure your room an exotic atmosphere.

beautiful zebra paper chair 2 e1296225394719 Modern Zebra Paper Chair by Mathias Bengtsson

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