Birds are aflutter in this calm and welcoming grey nursery created by photographer mum Shannon for her son Eli. Although she describes the walls’ color as grey, you see that on many photos below it looks like blue. And this is what I like about it: depending on the shade of grey you can get  [ Read More ]

Amazing Ideas for Hidden Beds

January - 26 - 2013
Posted by jennie

Hidden and multifunctional things help to save the space and to change the room very fast at any moment you need. There are so many ways to hide beds in your space! For example, designers create lots of transformable furniture that you may use as a wardrobe, a desk and a bed – you just  [ Read More ]


Valentine’s Day for kids is an interesting and exciting holiday. And they look forward to it. The first thing that you can suggest to do to your children is to decorate the kid’s room to feel better an atmosphere of this day, the more the kids would like to do it. On Valentine’s Day kids  [ Read More ]

Gorgeous Kids’ Valentine’s Day Crafts

January - 25 - 2013
Posted by cherryl

Valentine’s Day is a romantic holiday for everybody as love all ages yield surrender, they say. We’ve found some cool kids crafts to make for your kids and with your kids for this holiday. Make some clothes with heart pattern – a T-shirt, a decoration for his or her outfit. A marshmallow necklace will be  [ Read More ]


The most romantic holiday of the year is near and you aren’t ready yet? Haven’t decided how to decorate your home? Start from mantel! You may easily decorate it and create a Valentine’s Day atmosphere. What are the ideas? Add some flowers – no matter, if they are paper or natural, amazing garlands and wreaths.  [ Read More ]


Have you ever seen a more cheerful kids’ room? This is a real toys’ kingdom! The room design is rather simple, with rustic furniture of natural wood – it not only looks cool but also very eco-friendly, and that’s important for kids. I should mention the amazing wall décor – on one wall there’s a  [ Read More ]


I can’t imagine a cooler material for a bathroom than rough stone – it’s natural, eco-friendly and looks modern and luxurious at the same time; this material is long-lasting and easy to find. There are many ideas how to apply it in the design, for example, decorate the bottom and legs of the bathroom with  [ Read More ]


Architect Henrique Steyer, from Albus Design envisioned an intriguing home in Porto Alegre, southern Brazil: “In our latest project, I allied top international furniture with a series of French antique pieces to confer luxury and irreverence to this apartment. The owners, a young couple used to traveling around the world, and therefore with a rich  [ Read More ]


Escapism in NA pattern of the rural landscape, the house located in Wairau Valley mixes concrete with wood, unveiling a particularly beautiful home, rich in pavilions and open spaces. The Parsons Architects, the firm responsible with defining this residential project, envisioned a place that emerges with the landscape. The Eucalyptus Saligna wood is very present  [ Read More ]


Serbia based ArhitekturaBudjevac ( completed the renovation of an apartment in an old 70′s building. The designers had the task to turn an old, family-dwelling apartment into a single dwelling contemporary area. The apartment in its initial state was characterized by a number of small clusters, all assigned with distinct functions, typical of the Socialist  [ Read More ]