Some of us think that a kid should not play during his eating timings because it’s not a good habit. But as we all know that playing while eating is normal in all kids. Slide Eat is a best solution for all those parents who are worried for their kids playing habit during meal timings  [ Read More ]


Kim Duffin is an Australian kitchen designer; he is very skilled in his work. Recently he designed a beautiful kitchen for beach houses where customers asked for a “lively kitchen space” for their contemporary residence.


Most of the time people get sick due to same color on walls and environment around you. Prisms have found the alternative of it. Now prism can reflect the light and can give your environment a new color. It is really a nice idea and it is not costly as well absolutely fantastic and very  [ Read More ]

VIP Lounge by Cloud-9

July - 22 - 2010
Posted by karen

VIP lounges are special place to sit by vip person for a short time. Lounge may be a room for entertaining guests, reading, watching TV or other activities. It may be public area in which seats are placed and they can wait there. Here we are going to describe about Dutch Pavilion for Shanghai Expo  [ Read More ]


Mobil Fresno has introduced the new collection of beautiful white bed of his company Abril. This collection is best for those who dream for a comfortable and luxury bedroom.  Abril is an excellent bedroom set, consisted of Epoch style furniture. The centerpiece of it is a beautiful white bed with lacquered base and amazing big  [ Read More ]


The hot sizzling orange kitchen is ready to sizzle you with its beauty and downy structure. Ged Cucine has designed it to prep your favorite recipe with the help of this hot sizzling orange kitchen. It has glass topped table which can illuminate and can give a tremendous lighting while you take pleasure in your  [ Read More ]


A spiral staircase is most interesting thing in a house and it can increase the value as well as beauty of a home. Most of the time children are given second floor and they have to go upstairs by using stairs which are usually inside rooms. A spiral staircase is used in home to connect  [ Read More ]


Home interior is one of particular things by which guest would be please to see. Chairs are the remarkable things in the beauty of house or room. It extends visual beauty as well as many chairs are comfortable for sitters. The Gaudi chair is made by looking towards Gaudi stool, material and techniques have made  [ Read More ]

Special Space Saving Tables by Bonaldo

July - 18 - 2010
Posted by jennie

Bonaldo has introduced a set of three different height tables that adjust one into other and Gino Carollo has designed it for best space saving solution for them. These tables are made of metal painted with different colors. You can also use it as one table with quite a few surface and on other hand  [ Read More ]


In order to build up mental abilities, children need to grow up in loaded with colorful and attractive surroundings. Arredissima has designed cheerful bedrooms for children to grow them fresh and colorful atmosphere. Furniture’s functionality is equally divided between work and play, and the storage units have enough space to gather up all books, toys,  [ Read More ]