Best friend’s Home Designs are offering a number of superb dog houses for those people who want to surround their pets by the lavishness and good looks. Its main models are Alabama, Cubix, Fairytale and Lonneberga. These houses are made up of wood, glass and weather resistant paint and resembles by human ones. Alabama reminds  [ Read More ]


Radiators by Cordivari Radiators are often hidden because of their unpleasing looks but ‘Designers’ imagination has imagined a radiator in the form of release picture on the wall, a statue or even a couch. It can be predictable by their frivolous structure, excellence concluding and most of all their innovation. The “artistic” radiator will definitely  [ Read More ]


Though floating staircase looks pleasing to the eyes and many people want to have that type of staircases for their homes but here is another type of people who thinks that it’s dangerous. This type of staircase has railing on its side and sometimes it doesn’t have, the type which doesn’t have railing on its  [ Read More ]


Tec panels have introduced a chain of panels with modern design that could form some really good- Beautiful and Creative wall covering is a good decision if you want a solid and original wall treatment. Appreciation to their exceptional material, consisting of wood and resin, the panels are somewhat long-lasting and damp-proof. Better than wallpapers  [ Read More ]

Outdoor Room Decorating Ideas

July - 11 - 2010
Posted by jennie

Outside area of the house can be more useful when it’s combined with beautiful surroundings, amazing weather and exceptional furnishing. It should be ideal for eating, chilling and for getting relax in awesome view. These outdoor areas are normally designed for enjoying the good weather with hot cup of tea or breakfast in morning and  [ Read More ]

Simple& Modern Office Interior

July - 11 - 2010
Posted by jennie

A way for achieving the ways for easy job and what an employer thinks about his workplace is all about well organized and effective design of office. Here are some simple and modern office designs layouts that can bring modern and luxury look in to room space. It arranges contemporary see-through wall divider in some  [ Read More ]


A Germany designer has designed a beautiful and unique lamp called “Miss Maple”. Lampshades usually use plain wood, but on this miss maple the wood that serves as a lampshade is broken down into a grid of triangles. This makes a flexible lampshade, which can be transformed manually in three-dimensional ways. This light has a  [ Read More ]


This simple and stylish kitchen idea has been created by team7. They designed a simple kitchen by using pure natural wood. Vao kitchen design ideas of this splendid Sbastian Desch had just presented at Eurocucina 2010. The shelf in the kitchen at vao design is made with natural stone, quartz or high-pressure compressed cover. Beauty  [ Read More ]


Furniture collection of Meritalia is a progress of a quite popular “Stardust” furniture variety. This project is based on the exposure of lightness and minimalism applied to the flexible balance between internal pressure and the dynamic loads of the body mediated by the form of the coverings. The range mostly consists of furniture for seating  [ Read More ]


A famous Hollywood star Mal Gibson has a very good choice in selecting home structural design. Actually he has a very luxurious house in Greenwich and the house is designed to optimize outdoor space and designed garden at the house backyard. Garden has unique scenery and plants are arranged like maze game stadium. There was  [ Read More ]