Nico Yektai has designed this modern outdoor bench. Seating surface of this bench is made of wood, which looks smooth. This bench textures is comfortable and safe and balanced back. This outside bench not only could continue to exist outside of your house but also could become a good-looking modern part of a set of  [ Read More ]

Beautiful Beds in Round Shape

July - 8 - 2010
Posted by karen

Round beds always look more unique and attractive then common rectangular models, but they better fit for a large bedroom and look great in the center of a room. The beds from Kaleido collection by Euroform are round double beds with smart designs. The bed’s formation is made of solid pinewood and can be covered  [ Read More ]

Beds in Shape of Nest

July - 8 - 2010
Posted by karen

Here we will show some beds in shape of nest and looks fabulous. These types of beds are normally covered from all sides. Posh, sherpa fabric covers Hypro-Loft fiber filling, an exclusive blend of virgin and recycled fibers that provide unmatched loft retention–will not shift or mat, allowing the bed to keep its shape. Bed  [ Read More ]


To decorated Small room of home often make us confuse, put too much furniture in a small room make the room interior visible was so massive and if we put a few furniture in small room we don’t have enough spot for all entire family members to join together. If we don’t design our small  [ Read More ]


There are huge benefits for the lucky ones having the space for a walk in closet in their homes. These closet design models is just perfect because of being less congested and having lots of space. So your wardrobe and personal items are easily accessible. JDesign Group has designed such wonderful closets,so that everything can  [ Read More ]


If you’re building a pool deck, or looking for ideas to add enjoyment to your experience near the pool, these deck design ideas might help you. A successful pool deck design is a combination of many factors, including materials, layout and how the deck fits in with the house and yard. All these examples are  [ Read More ]


The most wonderful thing about living in wood home is closest to the nature. Barrow House is the project by Andrew Maynard Architects is such wooden home which has all modern features for comfortable living. Both inside and out, meticulous woodwork is simply spectacular. Everything what is possible is made from wood. Even though the  [ Read More ]


To have a home theater is very common now a day. To have the best sound system, latest sound proof, a state of the art High Definition is not only our most important focus but also our responsibility. Here we will show you the beautifully decorated home theaters by J Design Group. This modern home  [ Read More ]


As we all know that our world is effected from global warming and for this reason it is our responsibility to plant more and more to keep the earth cooler. Here are many ways to plant, some people do gardening and some use planters for this to keep planting and keep stylish. These beautiful wooden  [ Read More ]


The beautiful and modern Bathroom furniture set is available in market with the name of Piaf Collection by an Italian Company Foster.  This furniture is available in large number of colors and original sets of furniture and it is set under the slogan “ high quality products, unalterable by time”. This furniture is suitable for  [ Read More ]