It is not possible for those who live in small space or apartment to grow some plants without planter or vases. For this they have to find the perfect and nice planter for their place. But don’t worry Greenbo has solved their problem because these beautiful planter looks amazing and can be easily attached to  [ Read More ]


Recently we have posted about Nicely Decor Kids Room with e-glue and now we are telling you the idea to decorate your kid’s room with the theme of funny video game “Mario” with the help of Super Mario Wall Stickers by Nintendo. To give a funny and cool touch with Super Mario wall stickers is  [ Read More ]


Skywave House is designed by Cosica Day and the main feature of this house is its modeled roof, which reminds us about breaking wave. It seems that it floats over the 1st floor garden space and surrounded by glass. The color theme of this house is black and white and the house is designed with  [ Read More ]


Basically Disco Chair is concept of Illuminated furniture by Kiwi & Pom. 200 linear meters of Electro luminescent wire is used for its construction. When this chair powered on it looks like a neon rainbow and can create sufficient light for peeping around. Because of its pulse setting you can make the chair on and  [ Read More ]


The French designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec have designed a latest bathroom furniture and sanity ware collection for Axor.  The Axor has 85 bathroom products like bathtubs, washbasin, mixers, shower areas and etc. The main purpose of the collection is to create a personal and individual bathroom that will meet all the needs and wishes  [ Read More ]


Bella Stone has introduced the beautiful and stylish bathtubs and created freestanding bathtubs in different bright colors. The color contrast is the main idea of this concept and this type of sanitary ware is made to create an awesome centerpiece for any stylish bathroom. These bathtubs are made of resin stone, which has many advantages  [ Read More ]


Modenese Gastone is an Italian company, which has introduced luxury dining room furniture and presented a beautiful and classic furniture style which is covered with stylish fabrics and the shape of tables are oval and rectangular with beautiful chairs. The interior of the dining room is based on fabulous black furniture with silver finish, which  [ Read More ]


Nice kids room lay out is all about to set furniture in good position and according to kids age. for kids room here must be enough place for sleeping beds, work desks, and for storage cabinets. here is a best solution for kids room to use smart modern furniture. Here we show you some kids  [ Read More ]


For Modern Living room, we all need to create a wall panel system with useful functional shelves and cabinets. MDF Italia has introduced a collection of ElevenFive, the wall panel system. It has shelves, cabinets and an extend able arm to place TV and a DVD Player too.. This wall panel system looks stylish and  [ Read More ]


Pianca is an Italian Company which always has presented some beautiful furniture. Here in Nice Decors we have posted standard wall storage system consisted of white boxes and beautifully decorated TV cabinets and especially two stylish wardrobes. These two wardrobes would just look awesome with this wall system and are named as Tratto and the  [ Read More ]