Inside and out, the residence inspires opulence and extravagant living. Here is an excerpt from the description provided by Cityhome Collective: “A veritable gallery of modernism, from the largest panoramic, residential windows installed in any Utah home, to the Italian Poliform, custom-built-in furniture throughout (in the successful spirit of tying each perfect space to the  [ Read More ]


During the winter season, few places are more popular and dreamy than the Alps. Everyone knows that and all the hotels and chalets are getting ready in advance to receive their guests and to offer them their best. At the Das Tirol hotel in the Kitzbühel Alps, the atmosphere is exquisite. It’s not the type  [ Read More ]


The scenic region of Asamayama, Japan had a tremendous influence on the residential project developed by the Japanese firm of architecture, Kidosaki Architects Studio. After years of research, the client found the ideal site for his dream home and decided to settle down. Away from the urban jungle, this particularly beautiful retreat focuses on the  [ Read More ]


There’s always something special, something unique about a penthouse apartment. It’s not just the fact that its denomination is often synonym with luxury and exclusivity. Penthouse apartments are often defined by their inner beauty and their coziness.This apartment, for example, is a perfect example that shows us why this type of home is so great.  [ Read More ]

A Stylish Chair Design

December - 21 - 2012
Posted by karen

London based designer Tony O’Neill envisioned the Walnut Shell Seat, an elegant chair showcasing an interesting wooden pattern. The project is composed of panels CNC routed in solid timber and joined together to the seat pan by finger-like lap segments. According to the designer, “although the construction is carefully considered, the furniture piece emphasizes the  [ Read More ]


For me, playing with color in a space is one of the most delightful experiences in home décor. Color is obvious and eye-catching and immediately sets the tone. Often overlooked, however, yet also very important, is the use of shape in creating an atmosphere and overall vibe. Sometimes shapes are used subtly, sometimes they’re used  [ Read More ]


I’ve always found climbing in bed an activity that’s somewhat fun and unusual. I’m not talking only about bunk beds, although these are the most popular beds you climb in. But there are also other alternatives and they are quite similar, although very unique in their design. Here are a few examples.We’re going to start  [ Read More ]


Some of the finest homes are those inspired by the priceless surroundings. When the setting is staggering, the house is, most of the times, an inspirational place. Undoubtedly, the Mandeville Canyon Residence is one of those homes, that look like a calm retreat or a relaxation sanctuary, aiming to link people with the natural environment  [ Read More ]


Located in Sweden, this apartment is full of beauty and style. It measures 105.5 square meters which is not exactly a lot of space. But in this case the space was cleverly and functionally used and the interior design has been chosen to perfectly reflect that. The style chosen for the design is a combination  [ Read More ]

Modern Chrismy by Teresa Sapey

December - 18 - 2012
Posted by karen

Holidays are very close and most designers try to create something new and creative. For example, Spanish architect Teresa Sapey has designed CHRISMY for Spanish manufacturer VONDOM. This Christmas tree looks sleek and modern and the most important looks even better surrounded by other Christmas trees of different sizes. So if you want to be  [ Read More ]