There are several ideas related to Christmas tree decoration and you definitely use some of them for your Christmas tree every year. This time why don’t you try something different and artistic. In below pictures there are some unusual ideas which you will love to apply for decorating your Christmas tree this time. 1. Timber  [ Read More ]


“The rope bridge is on top of the jail compartment, built to connected evil, thieves and little sister’s place.” Designer Steve Kuhl fulfills the imagination of boys room with this incredibly calm pirate ship. The six-year-old resident of Minnesota chose to link a space ship, race car, castle, and a pirate ship. The majority of  [ Read More ]


We endure expressive you how to form feminine cores in your house, and now it’s time for the shrine of any girl – for a walk-in closet! There’s a sufficiently of ways to beautify it but if you really like female traces – have a look at these instances: a white closet is a cool  [ Read More ]


Eco-friendly project and simple lines are vital like at no extra time! This Use Less Chair by Hungarian Building Painful auworkshop is a determined to save countryside and to create an ergonomic chair that won’t take many resources. The chair consists of an oak piece and it’s a folding one; it can be used as  [ Read More ]


Traditioanl Italian chic in the inner is actually delightful, just have a look at this bedsit by Gianpaolo Zandegiacomo in Cortina d’Ampezzo. The main physical used for the project is light usual wood, and that makes the inside convenient and attractive and gives rustic traces to the contemporary inside. Wonderful wooden beams, antler and rough  [ Read More ]


A girl that works a lot at home absolutely wants a calm home workplace, and if it’s only her office, why not style it sophisticated and womanly? There are so many ways and thoughts to do that! Have a look: attractive classical equipment – may be antique, pastel colors that would add amorousness to the  [ Read More ]


Yoga is astonishing for figure and depth, this is insight of yourself. Zen Circus yoga chair by creators Caroline Kermarrec, Alexia Moisan and Kevin Geffroywould help you to tone up strengths freed from gravity’s effects. It’s a perfect piece for those who practice yoga as it would help you to stretch and relax after a  [ Read More ]


A living room is an significant space to relish your guests’ corporation and have a decent time but if you’ve absolute to make a womanly interior, you’ll need to add some accents and features. Pastel colors and pink are beyond competition, don’t hesitate to use them for wallpapers, curtains, furniture and accessories – these colors  [ Read More ]


This project obtainable to us by designer Channa Horombuwa is a change of a half-way done ordinary-looking house in Dompe, Sri Lanka into a modern piece of architecture. The house was at the half way mark, without a roof but with a assemblage of raw brick walls and lumps, when  the client understood that the  [ Read More ]


New London-based project brand Made in Ratio will soon offerings its first collection of equipment and lighting that was stimulated by the ideas of drive and modularity. The collection will consist of four ranges: lighting, seating, tables and storage. The Cowrie Rocker and Cowrie Chair, which are in this collection, take their shape from a  [ Read More ]