To make your bathroom female you should choose some subtle and attractive colorful fixtures and not only them. Pink, red, blue or purple tiles, equipment, applications and towels – these are good ideas for making your bathroom feminine. If you want the space to look chic, choose gilded furniture and classical lines; if you want  [ Read More ]


Brigada Studio from Croatia shaped a fashionable, unique and contented in expending coffee table. Its colorful and rare design gives much space for storage journals and books, and there’s a space for putting your cup of tea or coffee. The lower shelf is for heavy big tomes, while the niches are for magazines and newspapers.  [ Read More ]


It’s teenagers’ time! Mechanism is the greatest female period ever and if you want to modification your life, jump with your inner! Today we’ll tell you around female bedrooms and the best thoughts to beautify them. The greatest shared styles for a female space are antique, unkempt chic and traditional but even if you favor  [ Read More ]


We’ve previously told you of particular walk-in lofts but they are typically for girls – shoes tables and purse stowage thoughts. Now it’s time to talk about a macho dressing room which would be as fashionable as all the other rooms in a bachelor’s house. Like simplicity? Make glass doors for your closet, add a  [ Read More ]


Unmarried peoples, your period has originate! We’ve previously originate how to make your bedchamber, home office, living room or kitchen cool and attractive. Now let’s think of a classically male room – it’s game room! It’s a blessed place for each man where you can devote a great time with your friends playing poker, pool  [ Read More ]


Nowadays all is receiving lesser, keener and more supple, and the same propensity is in project. The Alpha Desking Program is a likeness of minimization in the world of furniture, and, to be exact, minimization of desks. Drive and change of carriage during the day are very significant for health and well-being, and so Feiz  [ Read More ]


This flamboyant house by Galeazzo Design is called Terrace2 and situated in Sao-Paolo, Brazil, and it agrees the cheerful hot weather of the republic. The total square is 88 square meters and each inch of interplanetary is sole and rare; there are dissimilar styles and insignia that interfere each other and compose a very nice  [ Read More ]


We’ve previously expressed you how to beautify a bachelor’s house and we’ve paid courtesy to nearly every area except for this one – dining room. It’s a calm place to have visitors, to enjoy a lunchtime with your families, groups or to serve a breakfast for your pretty girlfriend. A masculine space is not necessarily  [ Read More ]


Pebble bathrooms are very stylish because pebble looks usual, spa-like and sculptural; rough stone is a faultless idea for a mannish toilet. A male bathroom of uneven stone and with a simple bath with a shower head is great, this bathroom is right one of them. It’s located in the house in the Rancho Alegre  [ Read More ]

Simple House With A Glassy Facade

March - 25 - 2013
Posted by jennie

This rare and self-same calm house is situated in Brittany and was constructed by French firm Lode Architecture. The D House on the sets of an estuary; the crushed floor is a big open-plan space while the first floor has a series of smaller rooms. The ground floor has a glazed facade with views down  [ Read More ]