Macho middles are naturally affected and sensual, that’s why even girls love them and like coming a bachelor’s departure. We’ve already found some examples of décor of masculine bedrooms, home offices and kitchens, but what about one of the main quarters in the house, important not only for relaxing but also for having guests? A  [ Read More ]


Some of your clothes you want to get, others to hide. Some break anywhere they for months, others are in continuous use. This cupboard by Veronika Gombert is precisely what you need to show some bits and hide some others. It allows you to constantly change it according to your needs: there are various possibilities  [ Read More ]


A kitchen is frequently a very significant space to cook together with your family, to pucker to have a meal, and that’s why this home must be very cozy, fashionable and useful. This kitchen by Deulonder Arquitectura Domèstica was organized so that everything is at hand, it’s just 17 square meters. The kitchen island is  [ Read More ]


We endure telling you of actually masculine décor ideas, and this time we’ll tell you about mannish bathrooms. Macho bathrooms are typically dark – black or gray – strict, simple and modest. But a unmarried man bathroom shouldn’t essentially be like that! Choose your own style – luxuriously traditional, futuristic, vintage or shabby chic and  [ Read More ]

Antique Woody House In The Pyrenees

March - 21 - 2013
Posted by cherryl

We’ve previously told you of some attractive and heartfelt Pyrenees chalets, and this house is one of them – a convenient pastoral and vintage home by Mercedes Álvarez de Toledo. The house itself is not so big but the creators achieved to widen it due to the right answers – lots of white color on  [ Read More ]


If you are a bachelor and not enthusiastic about it, we’ll display you that being a bachelor has its own advantages, it’s astonishing! We’ve already told you of some ideas to beautify a bedroom for a bachelor and a home office, and now it’s time for kitchen! Men usually aren’t loving of cookery but this  [ Read More ]

Hanging Sunbed For Comfortable Rest

March - 21 - 2013
Posted by cherryl

Get prepared for the sunny period! If it’s not heartfelt in your urban yet, it’ll be soon and everyone will be keen to take some sun baths. Dedon Swingrest hanging sunbed by Dedon will give you an chance to enjoy sunlight in treat. It contains of a natural, basket-like woven base hanging from an elegant  [ Read More ]


If you are a guy and used to work at home, here are certain calm thoughts how to project a home office for you. You may select any chic you favor and understand it in your home workplace, for example – traditional, severe, simple, unplanned or any other. Usual masculine features are dark colors, squared  [ Read More ]


Regularly no glam decorations, no cheerful and light colors, gloomy shades and simplicity in details. Can such a space be fashionable? Sure! We’ve originate a group of sophisticated and sexy masculine bedrooms that are inviting both for boys and girls. The bests are simple bedrooms because it’s the style that suits masculine essence very well  [ Read More ]


Designed to spoil your sanities and proposal the best luxury holiday you can perhaps vision of, this departure greetings you with sights of elegant royal palms and turquoise blue sea. With an unabated view of Flamands Bay, the villa competitions the stunning exteriors with equally exquisite interiors laced with modern minimalism. The interiors have been  [ Read More ]