Here is a colorful and very stylish sofa design. This beautiful sofa is called “Aura”. The sofa makes its own space around you. It is a cozy and comfortable 2-seater sofa, and the slight separation it gives you would have a perfectly relaxing effect. The sofa can also make a great room divider, it includes  [ Read More ]


Here is an innovative lamp design. This stylish lamp is called “Paraboloid Lamp”. It will give a very contemporary look to your space. It’s perfect for those people who like unique lamp designs. The lamp has a very attractive shape. It has a hyperbolic geometric surface which  you maybe saw in your algebra classes. It  [ Read More ]


Here is an amazing house with fascinating bright colors. The house contains bright curtains, bright flower pattern, pink, lilac and yellow walls, blue ceiling. This house looks like a fairy-tale house. It has pink oven, colorful chandelier, vintage piano and clock, bunches of herbs highlight the atmosphere. It features a wonderful bedroom with the beautiful  [ Read More ]

Stylish Nautilus II Table

August - 21 - 2012
Posted by jennie

This is a contemporary table called the “Nautilus II Table”. More than 4000 individual pieces of walnut and sycamore veneer became part of a carefully layered construction, like excellence attained by natural forces. This impulsive design was achieved with the help of the Golden Ratio: the perfect proportions create a wonderful arrangement of design lines  [ Read More ]

Playful Sofa by Seungji Munhas

August - 21 - 2012
Posted by jennie

Here is a pet couch by a Korean designer Seungji Munhas. The sofa is bordered by a tunnel with gaps that will keep your cat entertained. Your cat will have a place where she can play or hide from you when she does something bad. The sofa will look perfect in your living room. It  [ Read More ]


Here are the beautiful rugs. The stylish rugs are designed by Gan Rugs. The Gan Rugs have taken the idea of smooth, randomly placed stones on a beach and puts it in wool. The Championes rug has uneven edges, it comes in rectangular and round, and a perfect organic aesthetic. The Codigo rug is the  [ Read More ]


Here are the elegant lights called “Lustre Pendants” designed by Tom Dixon. The designer is introducing a collection of dazzling stoneware pendant lights at next month’s London Design Festival. The lights are completely stunning and are glazed with a mixture of minerals that react unpredictably when fired so every single piece is just a little  [ Read More ]


The modern exhibition to join the inspiring collection from German architecture firm Dettling Architekten is the C1 house now located in Karlsruhe, Germany. The house’s street-facing frontage looks simple and contemporary. The modern house also includes a beautiful swimming pool. Once you move deeper into the property where the surface of a pool running the  [ Read More ]


Here is a very fascinating “Shadow Chair design”, it is designed by DuffyLondon. A fascinating take on the Original Walnut Shadow chair, this version includes an actual shadow of a tree. The shadow of the chair lasts stretching out far past the back of the chair and grows into a tree. The tree is made  [ Read More ]


Here is an innovative “Book Clock”. This clock is actually a normal clock device that is afterwards placed in an old hard book cover. Instead of the interior pages that had been removed, the designer called Hilda Grahnat used an inventive solution and used some bits of wood that look very similar to the original  [ Read More ]