The city of Shenzhen in China strength will not be on the top of world’s greatest preferred endpoints. But it definitely is a blooming national and commercial center in the region that sees a constant inflow of visitors from across the world. Located in the heart of the city is the St. Regis Shenzhen that  [ Read More ]


These crystal cupboards have all you need: simple definitive look, toughness and a slight Scandinavian touch to add charm. Lindebjerg Design from Denmark offerings a collection of glass cabinets that would suit any contemporary kitchen, dining room or even bathroom and would perfectly display tea cups, tea tins, and spices, books, frames and other stuff.  [ Read More ]


Wood painter Ramon Gibbs communal two of his extraordinary equipment projects with us. The two projects below rank high in originality, as well as in practicability. Elegant Possession is a delicately sculpted cabinet built of maple and accented with walnut. The design topographies five normal drawers (plus a secret one) resting on six small but  [ Read More ]


We’ve expressed you previously of some cool partition shelters by Glamora, and here’s a part of the collection by Karim Rashid – Multiverse wall covering. The major thing you can say about wallpapers is that it’s interesting colorful and very bright. The author of the collection says “kaleidoscopic Multi Universe, that is hypnotic, energetic, full  [ Read More ]


Wintertime has left but comfortable and contemporary equipment is continuously to the point. That’s why this Biknit chaise salon by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso is a countless impression. These seats are completed from a tough, thermo-stabilized ash timber that stand up to the harsh outdoor elements but they will make you think of a chunky  [ Read More ]


Famous  American botanist, Luther Burbank, has originate out in the early 20th period what latest fitness studies have revealed only a few years ago – that flowers may actually have health benefits (especially in older people). Burbank used to say that flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and  [ Read More ]


Designer Kitchen came up with a bold other for a contemporary cookery inner. According to the designer, “the brief was to project a highly useful, family friendly kitchen that would provide a dramatic first impression and become the defining feature of a new built property. This design was inspired by the clients who trusted my  [ Read More ]


It sure aids to have a mother stylish and you won’t trust your eyes when you clap them on baby Uma’s nursery. You know, all I might do was wheeze and shout when I saw these photos. Excitingly white, light and cheerful the nursery has just the right elements of neutrality with stunning pops of  [ Read More ]


Large and Minor House is a scheme planned by Anonymous Architects in Los Angeles, on a hillside. The house, like observing a heavy box, despite its small presence, is quite roomy. The architects chose not to divide the space in the rooms but to create a comfortable feeling of breeziness, embracing the lack of boundaries.  [ Read More ]


The Halo illumination group, planned by Martín Azúa for Vibia, suggests technology, project, art and life to create a family of hanging lights that is exceptional for this type. This light design floats in the air forming musical forms – lines, circles-, while generating sensations similar to those experienced in nature.Halo provides an extraordinary lighting  [ Read More ]