Here is the contemporary apartment designed by Max Lam, the Chief Designer of Moderne.  This apartment is located in Sha Tin, Hong Kong. The main colors used for the apartment are white and gray, yellow being used as a complementary color. A black glass wall goes from the entrance to the living room, uniting the  [ Read More ]

Stunning Muse Lamp by Sandro Santantonio

July - 12 - 2012
Posted by cherryl

Here is the stunning new Muse lamp with bright colors. It is designed by Sandro Santantonio. The design is made up of flexible lines and vibrant colors, this stunning lamp will look perfect in any space and it will make your space look more beautiful. The collection would also look great in restaurants, bars, pubs.  [ Read More ]


Here are the versatile furniture pieces of the Woodmoss Collection . Guillaume Delvigne has created a set of pieces with one that has a single flat surface and the other that has a split one. Both pieces serve effectively as side tables and foot rests or ottomans but the latter of the two is particularly  [ Read More ]


The HUSH day bed is an innovative seating shell that’s designed to create a cozy yet private space for you to chill and recuperate. It can easily open up into a lounger for more social times, or completely close the opening to shut out the light. HUSH is created out of a single piece of  [ Read More ]


Here is the beautiful collection, Dala is a series of seating units created by designer Stephen Burks. The series  was presented at Salone Del Mobile 2012 in Milan. It includes colorful lounge chairs, ottomans and stools. All the pieces from this colorful series start with powder-coated frame of extruded aluminum mesh for the base for  [ Read More ]


An innovative furniture piece created by Tamas Bozsik. It is a cross between a sofa and a chair, this functional piece of furniture lets you lie down with total comfort to read, work or just relax. The hybrid sofa  was the designers final project at the MOME University of Art & Design. It almost looks  [ Read More ]


Here are the unique and attractive designs of “ByHenzel rugs”. These modern and classic rugs will become a striking focal point of any space. These are made with careful regard to the environment and out of the finest materials available, New Zealand Wool and Mulberry Silk . The beautiful rugs guarantee quality and safety enfolded  [ Read More ]


The Coat armchair and the Bask basket, these 2 products are created by Sebastian Herkner for the brand Moroso. The Bask basket, can double up as a small side table if you turn it upside-down, this amazing basket is designed to complement the armchair and it can be used as both indoor or outdoor. The  [ Read More ]


This modern daybed is designed by Baldessari e Baldessari for Starpool. It is called “StarLit” daybed, it was initially created for comfort at a high-end spa but they’ve also made it as a chaise lounger for your home. The daybed appears enormously in size but the olive wood cylinders on the ends have a pattern  [ Read More ]


This couch is very comfortable, it is designed by Denis Guidone. The color scheme of the couch is beautiful. The combination of Yellow and black is very nice. Its wooden frame\bench on which cushions lay is also made of a natural material- wood. Around 4-5 people can easily fit in on this couch. It is  [ Read More ]