A contemporary chair which is inspired a banana and it is shaped as a banana. This creative chair is called “Zjedzony” which means “eaten” in Polish. This banana chair has a lavish design it will bring original aesthetic and functionality into room décor. It has a very beautiful color combination.  The chair is created by  [ Read More ]


Here is a new luxurious hotel in Maldives named “Vivanta” by Taj. The hotel is a combination of fascination of the timber and thatch exterior with lovely details of interior design. It has a majestic view, with interesting ocean views and spectacular sunsets. It gives a modern living of comfort and luxury holiday. Guests can  [ Read More ]


Here is a very creative concept of the chair design. This innovative chair is named “Lazy Football.” Emanuele Magini has created this game chair. This sports-inspired design was shown in Milan at the Salone Del Mobile 2012. The concept of the chair is not very hard or complicated to build, but its bold and very  [ Read More ]


A very creative coffee table, it is designed by Swedish design student Jessica Arosenius. The coffee table is called “Block.210 coffee table.” Jessica Arosenius displayed her Block.210 coffee table in the recent Milan Design Week. The name of the table “210” is given because of the “210” wooden blocks which makes up the table’s top.  [ Read More ]


An attractive new store in Paris for the fashion designer Stella Cadente. This beautiful store is designed by French architects Atelier du Pont.  The store is shaped like a tube, it displays accessories and clothes in a rectangular shaped space. It has curved walls. All the interior spaces and the mannequins are coated with gold  [ Read More ]


Beautiful and very creative vase. This stunning vase is known as “Big Bloom.” It is an amazing creation. It is designed by Charlie Guda for “The Cottage Industry.”  The Beautiful Vase uses an acrylic Fresnel lens and it contains 2 legs for its stability. The stunning big bloom vase will make your interior look more  [ Read More ]


A wonderful combination of comfort and technology. It’s a wireless chair for gaming. It is called  “X-Rocker Pro series Wireless Game Chair.” It consists of 4 speakers and a sub-woofer, and is compatible with PS3, Xbox360, Wii, PSP and other. The chair has Core AFM technology which lets the vibration to transfer the rumbling of  [ Read More ]


Here are some cool and chic homes for your pets. This wonderful collection has a dog house, an aquarium, a unique bird cage, a cat bed and a rodent cage. The collection is known as “Chimere Collection” designed by Marc Ange for a French company Bloom Room. It’s made from soft and durable material, with  [ Read More ]


A beautiful hotel named as “W Hotel” located in Koh Samui. It is a perfect place to visit. Yesterday, I just like you – like deliberately. The clouds reflected in the beautiful infinity pool. The circular lounge space appears from the water, creating a fantastic place to relax. This Paradise hotel was designed by the  [ Read More ]


These fascinating tile design ideas are by “Trend.” Trend has created an amazing tile collection. To get some awesome designs it is very important, how to combine all these little tile, depending on its shape, pattern and color. To make a special design its better to use small sized tiles. You can easily combine any  [ Read More ]