The wonderful sights, exciting diet and a complete variety of actions that may be look unusual to the Western traveler, or value taking the “risk” of discovering the limitations of a breathtaking Thai lifestyle! Define yourself on a plot that respires national diversity, the Baan Quito house, located in the North part of the busy  [ Read More ]


It has been a while since we available a Swedish apartment design, but this incredible Stockholm flat was worth the wait. Located on the island of Lilla Essingen, on the top floor of a waterfront building, this home consists of three rooms, a recently renovated kitchen and a 30 square meter terrace. According to the  [ Read More ]


Located in a sought after region of London, at the southern tip of Covent Garden in London’s art, culture and design district, the ME London 5 star hotel surprises due to an original modern design. The contemporary accommodation unit was developed by Foster + Partners and features 157 guest rooms including 16 suites. The apartments  [ Read More ]

Comfortable Casa La Punta in Mexico

February - 19 - 2013
Posted by jennie

Especially developed for an eccentric couple who required a spectacular retreat for relaxation, the luxurious Casa La Punta in Mexico showcases a design away from regional stereotypes. The project team from Elías Rizo Arquitectos worked closely with the owners in order to create a space that mirrors the personality of the inhabitants. Located in Punta  [ Read More ]

Stylish Villa in French Alps

February - 19 - 2013
Posted by jennie

Les Gentians 1850 is a delightful winter chalet, that holds the astounding loveliness of the situation and offers a enjoyable involvement wrapped in comfort and style. The elegant wooden chalet, located in Courchevel, the French Alps,  is the perfect winter retreat. Courchevel is a ski resort with plenty of facilities: restaurants, bars and last but  [ Read More ]


A hotel where you are asked to recall about the excitements of a genuine cultural Spanish period. Chic & Basic Ramblas Hotel was envisioned by lagranja design and is located few steps away from the emblematic Barcelona’s Ramblas. Here is some information we were sent from the project team: “Instead of going for the so  [ Read More ]


The kitchen island is a must-have in greatest households. Even though existence able to join it into the décor means that you need to have a kitchen that’s large sufficient to house it without problems, this restriction doesn’t go as far as that. The great thing about kitchens islands is that they’re usually multifunctional.A kitchen  [ Read More ]


Springtime is coming, and we are sensation its sniff already. Let’s ornament our house according to the coming period starting with bedrooms. On this particular room depends your mood in the morning, the beginning of the day and so the whole day. To bring spring feeling to the bedroom, first of all, you’ll need flowers.  [ Read More ]


You want your daughter to touch relaxed and comfortable in her apartment, don’t you? You have to do yours best for it. So you can take memo that it will be comfortable and practically if you share girl’s room on two areas: sleeping and playing. The following discussion focuses on playing area. Everything is much  [ Read More ]

Asymmetrical Shaped Home

February - 15 - 2013
Posted by karen

Having an uneven shape, the Equalizer House reflects the complex site geometry. Situated in Sao Paolo, Brazil, the inquisitive and specific house, was designed by Shieh Arquitetos Associados. Neat, clean and surrounded by palm trees, the Offset House offers a wonderful living experience. The abundance of open spaces aims to deeply connect the inhabitants with  [ Read More ]