I’ve freshly come out and unstated that spring is now in the air! Though it’s still February, all is beginning to come to life, and the most idealistic holiday is coming. Here are some ideas how to give your home that spring touch that would enliven your family and make you think of spring green  [ Read More ]


Welcome to a minor Swedish apartment where modification meets feasibility. Exposed on Alvhem, this 37,5 square meter gem is situated in the city of Gothenburg and offers the best of two eras: original parquet floors, high ceilings and built-in wardrobe (typical for the 1940s)  and hyper-modern kitchens and bathrooms recently renovated in 2011. The apartment  [ Read More ]


If you dream of a fashionable home, with an attractive sense of style fixed, the Sedibe House designed by Nico van der Meulen Architects, located in Johannesburg, is something that might just catch your attention. The Sedibe House is very dynamic and rich in details, mixing materials, layers and textures. On top of that, the  [ Read More ]


Creation mainly out of an outstanding location in Auntie Dol Bay Anguilla Caribbean Villa Kishti boasts four bedrooms, four bathrooms and a generously-sized infinity pool neighboring the sea. Especially designed by the creative team at Cecconi Simone to serve as a luxurious holiday retreat, the residence is currently available for rent, at a jaw-dropping cost  [ Read More ]


Without what is it unfeasible to visualize a little princess’ bedroom? Definitely – without an elastic and relaxed bed with a baldaquin, an openworked bedspread and beautiful cushions. No folding sofas, sliding armchairs and built-in furniture! No princess would like such kid’s furniture. Even if a girl’s room isn’t big enough, and the bed occupies  [ Read More ]


One of the main compensation of the Skyline House in Texas is absolutely the panoramic view over the city (of Austin). The work of Dick Clark Architecture, this fashionable house is envisioned as a place that connects the inhabitant with the natural landscape. Surrounded by lively oaks and by the abundance of luxuriant vegetation, the  [ Read More ]


Valentine’s Day is a very particular event when we all consider that love keeps us all jointly and makes our lives more gorgeous. It’s the day when we celebrate love and, even though each person has a different idea about how this day should be, there is one thing that never gets old: a romantic  [ Read More ]


In the case of the Clifton View 7 Apartment designed by Antoni Associates in Cape Town South Africa, the clients brief was to completely strip out the double-level apartment and to re-configure the interior layout to accommodate four bedrooms, en-suite, a gym, entertainment cocktail bar, cinema room and wine cellar. The site is perched over  [ Read More ]


Located within the spirit of Bryanston in Johannesburg South Africa, House Bassonia by Nico Van Der Meulen Architects borders the Riverclub golf route. Situated on top of a inclined site, it elevates over its surroundings. Originally a single story traditional house, the brief involved adding a second story and increasing the areas to more than  [ Read More ]


Ward+Blake Architects finished the design for a home located in a perfect usual setting in Wilson, Wyoming, United States.  According to the architects, “the project was sited on a low lying wetland that demanded consideration due to a high water table. The solution to this problem was to elevate the house three feet above existing  [ Read More ]