jennie On August - 21 - 2012

playful sofa 1 Playful Sofa by Seungji Munhas

Here is a pet couch by a Korean designer Seungji Munhas. The sofa is bordered by a tunnel with gaps that will keep your cat entertained. Your cat will have a place where she can play or hide from you when she does something bad. The sofa will look perfect in your living room. It is very comfortable and it supports very well your back. If you`re bored you can play with your cat only waiting for her to enter the tunnel. This amazing sofa will be an enjoyment for your small kids also. They will find the possibility of playing a lot of games with their favorite pet. Have a look at this playful furniture. Enjoy!

playful sofa 2 Playful Sofa by Seungji Munhas

playful sofa 3 Playful Sofa by Seungji Munhas

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