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cool pink bedroom idea 1 Rocking Bedroom Idea for Girls

A girl’s room is her sanctuary, no matter what age she is. If you want to give her a room she will love, make sure you devote its theme to something she enjoys. If your girl is into rock music, there are many things you can do to reflect her tastes, whether they lean toward alternative, pop, or hip hop. The key to creating a fantastic rocker girl bedroom is drama! And the easiest way to create drama is through color and pattern. For girl, today we have interesting picture about rock bedroom ideas that absolutely diverse than other. With little bit accent of “wild” rock, we will give you enough ideas to decorate your room and transform you be a rock and roll star. This bedroom is designed special for girls who love anything about rock in pink black theme. This room layout will inspire you how to design your lovely bedroom by using pink, black and exotic zebra, overall the result is well arranged girl bedroom interior. The exotic zebra bedding accented with black and pink pillow delivering cute yet wild bed itself. Nice white wardrobe decorated with three mirrors. Although this bedroom painted with rock theme but it doesn’t relieve the real women characteristic. Pink is common color that emphasized with fresh and cute, and it goes along well with dark color like black. Put your lovely electric guitar as decorative item to the room.

cool pink bedroom idea 2 Rocking Bedroom Idea for Girls

cool pink bedroom ideas 3 Rocking Bedroom Idea for Girls

cool pink bedroom ideas 4 Rocking Bedroom Idea for Girls

cool pink bedroom ideas 5 Rocking Bedroom Idea for Girls

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