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blue round wallpaper1 Round Pegs into Square Holes Decoration

For me, playing with color in a space is one of the most delightful experiences in home décor. Color is obvious and eye-catching and immediately sets the tone. Often overlooked, however, yet also very important, is the use of shape in creating an atmosphere and overall vibe. Sometimes shapes are used subtly, sometimes they’re used blatantly and with gusto. Regardless, here are some looks at different shapes that play a critical role in defining their space.

gold living room decor2 Round Pegs into Square Holes Decoration

Circle. Combining color and shape, these oversized aqua circles are the immediate draw to this sitting area. (Would you believe the homeowner used a gigantic pizza box as the pattern for those statement circles? Incredible!) Because everything else in the space is kept relatively neutral and simple, these circles really pop, but they’re kept as outlines so as to not overpower the room. I appreciate how the bright floral pillows give a nod to the circles’ enthusiasm. This room incorporates a lovely mix of eclectic items to create one charming whole.

colorful bedroom3 Round Pegs into Square Holes Decoration

Triangle. What a vibrant shape a triangle is…and what a perfectly fitting room to highlight it here. This colorful wall mural of equilateral triangles adds life and movement to an already bright, bold space. The shape is loosely carried through in the diamond-pattern bedding, as well as the throws pillows. I especially like how the shape isn’t carried through too literally here – this eclectic space, with its unique shapes, patterns, and color choices, perfectly exemplifies individuality and character.

small blue wallpaper4 Round Pegs into Square Holes Decoration

Hexagon. An uncommon shape…used uncommonly in this statement toilet. Hexagons abound in this small, narrow space in the busy geometric wallpaper and continuing into the floor tiles. The bold and dramatic use of the shape makes this space feel whimsically grand. And, it’s rather hard to see, but did you notice the hexagon-shaped beach umbrellas in the Christian Chaize artwork? I love that kind of subtlety in such a delightfully in-your-face space.

green chairs5 Round Pegs into Square Holes Decoration

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