jennie On March - 25 - 2013

sculptural rough stone bathroom 1 Sculptural Irregular Pebble Bathroom Design

Pebble bathrooms are very stylish because pebble looks usual, spa-like and sculptural; rough stone is a faultless idea for a mannish toilet. A male bathroom of uneven stone and with a simple bath with a shower head is great, this bathroom is right one of them. It’s located in the house in the Rancho Alegre in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and its style is exactly what a ranch bathroom needs. The wooden beams on the ceiling add roughness, and so does the stone. Everything including the bathtubs is clad with this stone, there are comfortable niches for all the cosmetics and things the owners may need. There are also a grand candelabra and a cascading water wall that perfectly complete the décor.[via furniturefashion ]

sculptural rough stone bathroom 2 Sculptural Irregular Pebble Bathroom Design

sculptural rough stone bathroom 3 Sculptural Irregular Pebble Bathroom Design

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