karen On April - 5 - 2012

IKEA paper led lamp 1 Stunning LED Lamp by IKEA

IKEA has just revealed its newest collection of designs, and one of the sparkling is Ehlen Johansson‘s gorgeous SOLKULLEN LED pendant lamp. Ehlén Johansson is a Swedish industrial designer that has also and mostly been designing furniture, lighting and interior design. She has been working with Ikea of Sweden during a lot of years, and has received several awards and prizes for her work, both national and international. This lamp has made effective use of resources and energy. Glowing like a jellyfish, the energy-efficient lamp companies a shadow of waves on the walls around it. The SOLKULLEN lamp is made from paper using a technique originally used for cutting metal, small holes are cut into a sheet of paper, and the lamp expands into a lace-like 3-dimensional shape when it is hung. The lamp consumes 80% less energy than luminous lamps, while extending and twisting into beautiful organic shapes.

IKEA paper led lamp 2 Stunning LED Lamp by IKEA

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