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Floral bathroom wall ceramic tiles 4 Stylish Bathroom Interior

If there is one place to use patterns in the house, it’s definitely the bathroom. Bright bold designs or even small, delicate patterns can freshen up and liven a smaller space. Bathrooms are fun to experiment with too since they aren’t the “face” of the house, you can be super playful in your decorating. Take a look around at some fun patterns and inspiration to use in your bathrooms at home.Florals are near perfect for any bathroom. Whether you decide to go super bold or extra girly, floral patterns fill a bathroom with smooth style and relaxed vibes. Using wallpaper to create an entirely new look and feel is one option. But if you’re super artistic and crafty yourself you can always hand-paint some wonderful flowers too! I happen to love florals in the background of a vintage tub or dawning the shower in beautiful linens.

floral bathroom 1 Stylish Bathroom Interior

floral bathroom wallpaper 2 Stylish Bathroom Interior

floral traditional bathroom 3 Stylish Bathroom Interior

striped bathroom 5 Stylish Bathroom Interior

polka dots 6 Stylish Bathroom Interior

polka dots 7 Stylish Bathroom Interior

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