jennie On September - 11 - 2012

stylish rejon table 1 Stylish Rejon Table

This unique table is like a small bookcase. Its created to hold a very limited number of books. It was designed for indoor use but you can also take it outside as long as it’s in a protected area and to bring it back inside after you’re finished reading. The table has a contemporary design. It measures H50xB48xT32cm. As for the design. This stylish table is called “Rejon table”. It has a simple frame with two “X” pieces connected in the middle. It is partially covered in black material and only the wooden legs are visible. The most interesting thing about this table is that it has a small shelf combined in its design. The table is prepared with MDF and beech. Its price is 145 Euros. Check it out!

stylish rejon table 2 Stylish Rejon Table

stylish rejon table 3 Stylish Rejon Table

stylish rejon table 4 Stylish Rejon Table

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