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velvet shower curtain4 Stylish Shower Curtains

I am constantly amazed at the aesthetics of some bathrooms, powder rooms, washrooms, whatever you choose to call them. It’s fantastic that a room whose purpose is typically so pragmatic and functional can be made into a relaxing retreat, of sorts. Recently, I’ve stumbled across some bathrooms that have something in common: super stylish shower swag. (Which shouldn’t shock you, having read the title of this article, and all…) Look at these beauties:

brown shower curtain2 Stylish Shower Curtains

The homeowners here added a pelmet box lookalike for a streamlined look in this shower/tub. Khaki linen shower curtains with clean-cut ivory trim is a classic color combination that calmly and maturely balances out the graphic wallpaper in the same color scheme. What I love about this is the fact that it’s in a “regular” sized bathroom with a common layout – this sophistication could be fairly easily recreated.

white shower curtain3 Stylish Shower Curtains

To me, creating a minimalist bathroom seems a tricky business, as it can quickly cross into the realm of feeling dingy or prison-ish. This space, however, is pulled together with perfection, as the neutral ruffle curtain adds a touch of “excess” and keeps the space from feeling barren. Paired with what appears to be a stand-alone clawfoot tub, this curtain exudes a sense of timelessness and enjoyment. White subway tile is a perfect backdrop to the tastefully decorated metal shelving.

beautiful shower curtain51 Stylish Shower Curtains

elegant shower curtain1 Stylish Shower Curtains

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