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tropical bedroom design1 Stylish Tropically Inspired Bedroom

The warmth of the tropical sun can make you feel relaxed and at ease, so using some design cues that have the same effect in your bedroom is a great idea. Decorating your bedroom in a style that evokes something of the tropics will help you sleep and the look is great, too. Update your bedroom to look like it would be at home in a hot climate. Use designs that reflect the Caribbean, Southeast Asia or Africa to create a warm and inviting tropical. Paint two or more walls in a deep green hue, but not a shade that is too dark. Set this off against pure white on the ceiling or an opposing wall. Browns will work well in the color palette mix but use them sparingly. Use floral leaf prints on your bedding and cushions to complete the tropical look.

tropical bedroom design2 Stylish Tropically Inspired Bedroom

Wooden floors work well in tropically inspired rooms. However, all over the region closest to the equator porcelain tiling or marble is used to help keep interiors cool. Go for a floor tile that has a little warmth to its color. Plain white is not quite right but off whites, grays and pale terra cotta will work perfectly. You can warm up the look a little with a rug, if you need to. Tropically inspired tiled floors, like this, are noUse bamboo in your bedroom to bring out some more tropical flavour.Little bamboo mats make great additions to your bedroom’s bedside cabinets. And furniture that is made from bamboo will also look great. Bamboo weave is quite commonly found in furniture such as closets and even chairs.Even if you don’t turn them on, install a couple of fans in your bedroom to give it a tropical effect.

tropical bedroom view3 Stylish Tropically Inspired Bedroom

cool floor bedroom4 Stylish Tropically Inspired Bedroom

bedroom floor5 Stylish Tropically Inspired Bedroom

bamboo bedroom dressing6 Stylish Tropically Inspired Bedroom

bamboo bedroom accessories7 Stylish Tropically Inspired Bedroom

tropical nesting8 Stylish Tropically Inspired Bedroom

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