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CSL, the sofa specialists formerly Clayton Salerooms and CS Lounge Suites Ltd, are a specialist sofa retailer started by the Tyldesley family in the North West of the UK. Now, CSL sofas have introduced its newly designed Sound Sofa with a built-in iPod dock. Crafted to bring your favorite music to the relaxation of your couch, Sound Sofa is described to be an ideal piece of furniture for music lovers, changing the way you enjoy music in your living rooms.

sound sofa by csl 1 The Comfortable Sound Sofa by CSL

It’s available in six beautiful colors, CSL’s Sound Sofa claims top quality fabric, and comes in a range of sizes, or seating for up-to 5 people. Including built-in iPhone/iPod dock, USB port, Bluetooth connectivity, SD card slot, and a sound system that boasts 2.1 stereo-sounds from its 3 hi-fi speakers and special bass box.

sound sofa by csl 2 The Comfortable Sound Sofa by CSL

Sound sofa lets you play all popular music formats to fill your existing space with music. With iPod/iPhone dock, you can not only listen to music but can also charge the devices, as well, avoiding the unnecessary need of music devices and unappealing messy cables. Retailing in the UK for $1,585, CSL’s Sound Sofa is a perfect furniture item for design fans who don’t want their bulky hi-fi sound systems to be the part of their living rooms. This contemporary and reasonable sofa has been particularly designed to offer more than just the comfort.

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