karen On October - 15 - 2012

voltaire desk41 The Elegant Voltaire Desks

Whenever you find something that doesn’t obey the rules and doesn’t follow the trends like everything else, it feels almost as if you have found a treasure. So when we found this wonderful desk we felt like we’ve made a unique discovery. The desk is indeed very original and beautiful.Stylish and elegant, the Voltaire writing desk was created by Valencia-based designer Paco Camus.

It’s part of the Private Collection that consists of many beautiful and original furniture items. The Voltaire Desk is the latest addition to the collection. It stands out with its delicate elegance and simplicity. This stylish piece of furniture doesn’t follow the trends and lines of this new era. Instead, it makes its own rules and invents its own trends.

voltaire desk 1 The Elegant Voltaire Desks

voltaire desk2 The Elegant Voltaire Desks

voltaire desk3 The Elegant Voltaire Desks

voltaire desk5 The Elegant Voltaire Desks

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